There exist so many reasons to why we should smoke e-sigaretter instead of the regular sigaretter!

In our society there exists a over the top attention on living healthy….. A crazy amount of people are chatting about it, and everywhere you go you are confronted with all kinds of well meaning advices listing how to obtain a healthy life. & for sure this includes røykeslutt -–ny-damper- – ! I have been a so called party smoker in some time now, but now everyone is singing the same song: you must really take into consideration a røykeslutt!!I can’t decide if I am willing to stop smoking cigarettes… The one and only thing that would convince me to begin a røykeslutt is the fact that there is a brand new product available in the shops…. The absolutely fantastic e-sigaretter - – seem like they are worth a try… E-sigaretter are a much healthier lifestyle choice than ”normal” cigarettes because they are filled with the seemingly safe e væske -–e-juice/e-vaske-epuff – . In addition e væske is not something you get addicted to in the same manner nicotine is. This fundamentally makes e-sigaretter a better choice than regular cigarettes!

In quite some years now I have thought about letting my bad habit go. I have not at any time seriously been fully committed to røykeslutt – even though I know for a fact that there exist one hundred reasons to stop smoking cigarettes. Reasons I must acknowledge are definitely convincing. I wish to live to see sixty and experience our kids grow into adulthood – and if I seriously mean this from the bottom of my heart I really need to choose røykeslutt. With the e-sigaretter now on the shelves I find myself considering a røykeslutt more than ever before previously! Really now that I consider it, I mean extremely seriously think about it & my life to come, I can feel from the bottom of my heart that I am willing to start fresh. Whoa, I am so ready. I will go out now & go spend dollars on my first ever pack of e-sigaretter & fill the cigarettes with e væske… Just have a look at me – all clever and stuff… Not to mention my parents will be super glad.